About us

Kimia Farayand Naghsh Jahan knowledge base company with the aim of upgrading the knowledge of the country’s lubrication industry, began its activity by a group of graduated students of country’s credible universities and prominent scientific and industrial advisors. This company currently is located in the growth center of Isfahan science and technology town. The main mission of Kimia Farayand Naghsh Jahan company is reaching to technical knowledge of producing special industrial lubricants. Kimia Farayand Naghsh Jahan is specialist producer of high quality drawing process lubricants, applicable in cable and wire production industry that is comparable with European products.

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Special lubricants production
Lubricants condition monitoring and providing consulting services in the field of lubricant selection
Providing laboratory services
Technical knowledge achievement and formulation of special lubricants
Implementing applied projects in the field of lubricant
Implementing applied projects in the field of lubricant additives